3. Making Time for Love and Sex and Why it Really Matters

Season #1

I don't know all of you who listen to this podcast. But I bet I can guess one thing about most, if not all of youyou're busy. There are a lot of really good things (and some less good things) that fill our lives, often to the very brim. 

Often, in the hustle of day-to-day life, our marriage gets put on the back burner. We struggle to commit the time and energy to our marriage that it deserves. But it's not because we don't care, not at all! We just have so much to do and we are exhausted. 

In today's episode, we discuss how we can make small and simple shifts in the way we show up for our spouse so that we can build the kind of marriage that we really want—one that is happy, healthy, full of love, and supported by regular, meaningful sex.

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